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Use a Features Wish List to Keep Your Search Focused
Make a features wish list to clarify which features are most and least important to you when looking for a home. Using this features wish list will keep your house hunt focused and effective.

Consider how many people and how much stuff you need to fit into your new home. Make sure there is enough space. Many people have a house that the family grows out of, or never grows into. Consider the future and your unique situation, to be sure you won’t regret your choice. Children may not want to share a bedroom in the future. You may need less space when your children leave home. Do you have to have a large garden? Is a garage critical?

Don’t over-stretch your resources to move into your dream home. You need to know you’ll be able to afford to live in the home for the foreseeable future, in a variety of circumstances.

Use a Home Comparison Chart to Keep Your Observations Organized
While house hunting, it’s a good idea to make notes about what you see because viewing several houses at a time can be confusing. Use a home comparison chart to help you keep track of your search, organize your thoughts and record your impressions.

Act Decisively When You Find the Right Home
Before you begin the home buying process, resolve to act promptly when you do find the right house. Every realtor has stories to tell about a couple who looked far and wide for their dream home, finally found it, and then said, “We always promised my Dad we’d sleep on it, so we’ll make an offer tomorrow.” Many times the story had a sad ending – someone else came in that evening with an offer that was accepted.

Resolve that you will act decisively when you find the house that’s clearly right for you. This is particularly important after a long search or if the house is newly listed and/or underpriced.

Make sure your potential home is safe and protected well. Investigate the crime rate in the neighborhood and find out about the costs of home, home contents, and car insurance rates, as these are all indicative of crime rates in the area.

Make sure you are aware of potential dangers to you, your home, and your family. Is there a busy road nearby? Is the house in a fire or flood risk area? Are there risks from animals such as snakes, possums rats or even bears? Is there a danger of termites or other destructive insects?

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